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Troubadour Music, already a leader in entertainment bookings, and touring, also manages artists throughout Australia, including:

Paddy McHugh

Paddy McHugh shoots from the hip, doesn’t pull punches. His song writing is honest and true, tales of life in Australia told by a man who’s grown up in same, as raw and real as the country in which he took his first steps... Visit paddy..


Visit ( for tour news When you hear the chords ring out on any PLANET song, you can imagine the leads from their guitars bypassing their amp inputs and instead winding on for 30 years – plugging into the generation of inc..

Mick McHugh

ABOUT MICK MCHUGH “There’s a candle burning in the dark – always a glimmer of hope.” Mick McHugh Indie folk artist Mick McHugh has stepped out and stepped up with the release of his debut studio album, for which he crowd-funded $19,000. ‘A ..

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