PLANET releases new single 'Never New'

When you hear the chords ring out on any PLANET song, you can imagine the leads from their guitars bypassing their amp inputs and instead winding on for 30 years – plugging into the generation of incredible ’80s and ’90s indie rock bands that defined much of the music we hear today. Whether it’s iconic Australian acts like The Hummingbirds, The Stems or The Falling Joys; or their more famous international counterparts like The Smiths, The Replacements or The Lemonheads – the melodies, harmonies, tones and penchant for writing impossibly addictive choruses courses through every fibre of PLANET’s music.

Today they stand alongside contemporary artists like Hatchie, Alvvays, Kurt Vile and the Middle Kids as artists writing music with a modern sense of nostalgia that sweeps people off their feet with its beauty and sincerity, while also possessing the sense of fun and light that is undeniably pristine pop. There’s a dreamy, ethereal presence that flows from start to finish in all of their songs, dancing between the shimmering guitar tones, the splashing cymbals and winding bass lines, as the buzzing texture of lead vocalist Matty Took’s inimitable voice sings the kind of aching lyricism The Triffid’s David McComb would have been proud of – his words longing for lives and loves past with an equal sense of joy, humour and heartbreak.

Over the last few years the Sydney four-piece has gone from playing local pub gigs in their hometown to playing bigger and bigger stages across the globe, including the likes of The Great Escape, Liverpool Sound City, Hit The North, Stag & Dagger, as well as mounting several headlining campaigns across the UK (their home away from home), where they’ve found fans and kindred spirits alike. Their reputation as a live force has grown with the venue sizes, and although still firmly in the formative chapter of their career, it’s rare to see a PLANET show that isn’t teaming with die-hard fans belting every word back with a broad smile.

Now they mark the beginning of a new chapter, working with Australian indie label stalwart Dew Process to release their brand-new single, ‘Never New’ – a vibrant, effervescent song that feeds from the energy of everything they’ve released in their career so far, while shining like a guiding light on their future. Its head bopping, tambourine-shaking rhythm instantly casts it as a live set highlight, as Took’s voice soars through zooming guitar riffs and angelic synth chords that sing out like a choir, to once again reinforce that cosmic quality that is quintessentially PLANET. 

And although the lyrics, “Love won’t change a thing,” sing out over and over throughout the chorus of ‘Never New,’ you can’t help but feel that if PLANET keep writing beauties like this, love might change everything.

PLANET’s new single ‘Never New’ is out now via Dew Process.

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