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Gary Óg + Ryan Sheridan


With Gary Óg + Ryan Sheridan + Guests

Our 10th Birthday Celebrations in SYDNEY featuring Gary Og, Ryan Sheridan, The Rumjacks & Mick McHugh have been moved to the Tea Gardens Bondi.
We're bringing this session to Ireland's 33rd county, the home of Irish in Oz and its going to be massive.
Due to our long-standing relationship with the Tea's we decided to put our birthday on there, so SYDNEY, your chance to come celebrate with us is on Saturday 4 July (Yee Haa!) at our great friends venue. For more info about the event please contact the Tea Gardens on (02) 9389 3288 or send a message direct to our Facebook page and we will get straight back to you.
Big thanks to the crew at Max Watt's for their understanding and allowing us to move the show at this late stage.

We are celebrating our 10th Birthday and you’re invited! We're bringing one of Europe’s finest folk artists, Gary Og, along with one of Ireland’s hottest new acts, Ryan Sheridan, to Australia to celebrate the milestone. These shows are set to be a lot of fun with many special guests making appearances, so don’t miss it!

One of Europe’s finest folk artists, and hailing from the Gorbals area in Glasgow, Scotland; Óg developed his craft growing up amongst an Irish community, which in past generations have immigrated to the area in the hope of a better life. “Many people, who were just off the boat from Ireland, settled in the Gorbals,” he said. It was from these working class streets in Glasgow that he developed his penchant for Bob Dylan, Christy Moore and ballads of Irish freedom.
He quickly started a band, Éire Og (meaning Young Ireland), which developed rapidly beyond his expectations and was soon immensely popular in Scotland, Ireland and most of Western Europe. Éire Og attracted impressive crowds, particularly in their ancestral homeland of Ireland - and it’s a place that Óg still loves to perform.

“When I was involved in Éire Og I’d get across monthly because we were playing a lot of gigs there. I love the North, Belfast and Derry especially. I certainly like visiting Derry, it’s a wee bit more relaxed.”
After Éire Og wound to a close, Óg went solo, often supporting legendary Irish group The Wolfetones. Armed only with his unmistakable gravely voice and acoustic guitar, it gave him the opportunity to add his personal touch to a vast repertoire of ballads which often focus on people who were involved in liberation movements across the world. 

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/garyogmusic

Ryan Sheridan leapt from the street to centre stage headline act in less than a thousand days. A gifted and inventive guitarist, he has combined his dazzling six-string skills with a jet-propelled percussive attack to create a unique sound that has thrilled packed houses from Dublin to Dusseldorf. A born entertainer, this passionate singer with a gift for storytelling is a commanding stage presence; and his acoustic-driven, anthemic, twenty-first century rock 'n' roll, with it's roots deep in rhythm and blues, connects with audiences wherever he is seen and heard.
Ryan Sheridan's debut album – 'The Day You Live Forever' – was released in 2011. Fuelled by the massive hits 'Jigsaw' and 'The Dreamer', the album was only kept from the top of the charts by Adele, and went on to achieve platinum status in Ireland. Packed arena shows with Taylor Swift, The Script and Bryan Adams followed, and Ryan's international reputation started to spread.
2012 saw deals done with Universal Music in Europe and Australia, and 'The Day You Live Forever' climbed to the top of the German charts. Extensive touring followed, and much of 2013 was spent thrilling European audiences with his high-octane live shows, together with high-profile TV and radio spots.
With a teenage apprenticeship as a dancer, it is no surprise that rhythm underpins the music of Ryan Sheridan. His songs are torn from the pages of a passport seeking out the wonders of life, from joy to sorrow; and all stations inbetween. Classic high-energy explosions such as 'Stand Up Tall' are now balanced with haunting ballads like '2 Back To 1' and the heartfelt longing of 'Home'; specially commissioned by Brendan O'Carroll as the love theme for 'Mrs. Brown's Boys: D'Movie'.
With his second album due for release in Australia in the coming months, Ryan Sheridan can't wait to bring his thrilling, all-embracing new music to his Aussie-based fans for the very first time. There's a fire in his belly, anticipating stories to be told, rooms to be rocked; and fresh chapters to be written.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/RyanSheridanMusic 

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